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Product Manager Job Description

The Product Manager will develop a marketing strategy with a certain product range in collaboration with the sales and marketing departments. They are the champion of a product and act as the voice of the customer to the rest of the product team and the company.

Duties of the Product Manager include:

  • Analysing the marketplace and design a market strategy based on the product range
  • Searching for and capitalising on new product opportunities.
  • Manages Positioning and Branding for the product range.
  • Preparation of the product strategic and operational marketing plan dovetailing with overall marketing / business  plan.
  • Managing new product projects from start to end.
  • Developing product launch programs.
  • Understanding the marketplace and customer needs in order to advise in product development.
  • Working closely with the sales and marketing departments to develop the sales and marketing strategy.

Requirements for the role:

  • Experience developing product marketing strategies.
  • Strong management experience and working with a team.
  • Previous Sales and Marketing experience desirable.
  • Innovative and creative skills.
  • In depth understanding of a relevant marketplace.
  • The ability to analyse and predict market trends.
  • Prince2 and relevant marketing qualifications would be an advantage.
  • Customer relationship and communication skills.
  • Educated to degree level.

Should you require assistance recruiting for a Product Manager or any other marketing roles then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist marketing recruitment team on 020 8349 3508.


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