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Without sales, a business cannot exist. It goes without saying that the ability to sell is a talent often sought after, but employing raw talent isn't always the winning formula. Our candidates have a "sales personality" but also know how to represent your brand professionally, introduce creativity and innovation and work well in a range of environments within teams of varying sizes.

When we forward CVs to you, the first one you pick up and the last one you put down will be an excellent addition to your team, your time wont be wasted.

In sales, the key aspects we look for and screen are the following:

  • Personality

  • Body language and presentation

  • Demonstrable sales track record – especially major personal successes.

  • Level of sales training – SPIN (Huthwaite), Mercuri , Solution Selling etc

  • Correct and full understanding of the sales process

  • Energy and determination

  • Ability to pitch and close effectively

  • Communication skills

  • Winning attitude

  • Innovation

  • Thinking big – ambition

The selection techniques we employ to differentiate Top Performers are as follows:

  • Innovation exercises and tests

  • Observation, Memory and Listening skills

  • Negotiation skills tests

  • Researching skills test

  • Solution selling role play tests

    • Telephone

    • On-line

    • Face to face

  • Final candidates assessment “play off “ competition between candidates (at the Client’s premises – usually full or half day assessments) (Optional)

  • Psychometrics (Optional)

  • Presentation skills tests (Optional)

This rigorous process ensures we only include top performing candidates in our offering and reflects our understanding that there's more to sales than picking up the phone and calling.

Our team would love to hear from you about your requirements and we'll ensure you speak to a specialist sales recruiter. Simply call 020 7125 0460 or email us on mail@charterselection.com.