Sales Director or Manager Job Description

Information about Sales Director Job Description


This job description will give you an insight of sales director and sales manager jobs. You can use it for creating the Sales Director Job Description for your firm.

Objective for the company

The prime objective of a sales director is to manage two or more sales managers of different areas as better as he can. According to Sales Director Job Description, a sales director must get ready to create and implement plans for extending the sales of the company. The job responsibilities of sales director are quite different and more important than the sales managers, as you can check in the Sales Manager Job Description. The sales director’s post is a higher post than sales manager and the sales director report directly to the board of directors and explain about the visions and plans for the company.

Major responsibilities:

  • Preparing annual unit and gross profit plans with the help of endorsement techniques.
  • Determines the main goals related to sales and generates sales quotas in his work area.
  • Evaluating and improving the field sales programs for better profit.
  • Leading all the sales managers for implementation of all the prepared plans.
  • Maintaining sales rise, volume and generating more demands for the product in the market.
  • Improving the technical knowledge about the management field by taking part in business workshops.

As mentioned in above given points of this Sales Director Job Description, a sales director frequently gets challenges during his work time. His main aim is to help the sales managers in generating more sales from the selected area.

You can see how sales managers operate their work in the column of Sales manager job description. The sales directors continuously analyze the market trends and also monitor small and big changes taking place in the market. A good sales manager should always be a number-oriented person. He should be excellent in the mathematics and his business sense should be helpful for the organization.

Unlike Sales Manager Job Description, the sales directors work to forecast the sales, predict how much the firm can get from the market and then create plans for that. A good sales director always leads the sales managers with excellent managing tactics to obtain more profit.

Qualifications and requirements:

The job applicant must have bachelor degree and master degree for applying this job. It is a big responsibility that’s why firms only prefer experienced candidates. A person, who has started as a sales person, proving himself with good sales experience and have good profile to drive the sales process well, can apply for the sales director job.