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UX Designer Job Description

The UX Designer ensures that the user experience on a digital platform is functional and easy to use maximising the amount of people that continue to use the service or product.

Duties of the UX Designer

  • Creating wireframes for sites and apps using a variety of software.
  • Conducting user testing sessions on site and app prototypes.
  • Analysing the results from user testing sessions and presenting the results to the UX team.
  • Making changes based on the results and retesting with user groups.
  • Using analytics to present information on site changes and their effects.
  • Designing user journeys and wireframes for various campaigns.
  • Interviewing end users and making changes based on user feedback.
  • Mapping user journeys to ensure journeys flow and gain user acceptance.
  • Designing user interfaces that align with the goals of the organisation.

Background of the UX Designer

  • Previous experience working as a UX designer ideally with relevant industry skills.
  • Strong systems knowledge including as: HTML, CSS, Azure, Photoshop, Sketch and Visio.
  • Excellent project management skills and the ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • A natural ability to explain technical details to non-technical people.

Should you require assistance recruiting for a UX Designer then please get in touch with our digital recruitment team on 020 8349 3508.


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