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Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

The Digital Marketing Manager oversees the digital marketing strategy for the company.

Duties of the Digital Marketing Manager:

  • Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the company website.

  • Tracking conversion rates and making improvements to the website.

  • Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns

  • Utilising a range of techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC.

  • Overseeing the social media strategy for the company.

  • Managing online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness.

  • Managing the redesign of the company website.

  • Improving the usability, design, content and conversion of the company website

  • Responsibility for planning and budgetary control of all digital marketing

  • Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data.

  • Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.

Requirements of the role

  • Bachelor degree in Marketing.

  • Qualified member of the CIM or equivalent.

  • Experience managing PPC, SEO and Affiliate programmes.

  • Strong understanding of current online marketing concepts, strategy and best practice.

  • Experience in ecommerce, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and social media.

  • Previous experience in a similar digital marketing role.

Should you require assistance recruiting for a Digital Marketing Manager or if you need any assistance with any other digital marketing recruitment then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist marketing recruitment team on 020 8349 3508


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