Interview Advice

Interview Advice

Interviews can be nerve wracking experiences even for the most confident of candidate so to try and help things go smoothly here is our advice for a successful interview.


Research is key, the more research you do the more confident you will feel going in. You should research the company in depth and have a really good understanding of what the company does, the market they operate in, their history, their main competitors and an idea of any issues they may face in the current market. A google news search of the company is always a good idea. You may not get questioned on any of these things but if any topics do come up it will make conversation a lot easier if you have some prior knowledge and the interviewer will be impressed with your research.

Read through the job description and make notes based on your experience. Think about your experience in relation to the duties and think of examples of where you have carried out these in your past roles. All too often candidates struggle to think of examples in an interview only to come out and suddenly remember lots of examples afterwards. Preparing beforehand will

Think of some relevant questions.

Make sure you have some relevant questions lined up. However unless you’re on a final stage interview and they’ve told you they want you on board its usually sensible not to ask questions about how many holidays or sick days as this can create the wrong impression entirely!