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EMEA Marketing Manager Job Description

The EMEA Marketing Manager is responsible for overseeing all marketing campaigns within Europe Middle East and Africa.

Duties of the EMEA Marketing Manager

  • Define and shape the EMEA marketing strategy according to the overall marketing strategy.
  • All aspects of marketing for EMEA marketing campaigns and events.
  • Creation and execution of marketing and lead generation campaigns across EMEA.
  • Overseeing a variety of marketing activities across all regions.
  • Putting in place market penetration strategies for the region.
  • Segmenting all marketing activities based on location and other criteria.
  • Overseeing virtual and oversees team members.
  • Reporting to the marketing director on the success of marketing activities across EMEA.

Background of the EMEA Marketing Manager

  • Previous experience working as a marketing manager across the EMEA.
  • Strong understanding of the regions and the different nuances of marketing across various regions.
  • An ability to communicate effectively with all nationalities in the region.

Should you require assistance recruiting for an EMEA Marketing Manager then please do not hesitate to contact our marketing recruitment team on 020 8349 3508.

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